President’s column: FWAA pushing into the digital age

By Stefanie Loh/2018 FWAA President

Happy spring, everyone.

With the change in seasons comes the annual barrage of spring football games all across the country.

2018 FWAA President Stefanie Loh of the Seattle Times

As teams get ready to play in scrimmages that might (or might not?) give coaches some indication of how they’ll replenish their depleted depth charts this fall, the FWAA is also gearing up on a couple of new initiatives.

For one, this spring marks our push into the digital age.

You might have noticed that our official social media accounts have been more active of late, and that many off you have been invited to join our members-only Facebook Group. Still looking for more to join the group. Check your email box for the invitation or email me at  or Steve Richardson at and we will include you in the group.

In the coming months, we’re hoping to turn this group into an online gathering space for FWAA members and give everyone a forum to talk to each other, reconnect with old colleagues, and be the nosy journalists that we are and discuss the comings and goings of both our peers and the coaches we cover all across the country.

Looking for a new job? Need to connect with another beat writer to do a Q&A on a team the program you cover will face in the fall? Want to get someone’s take on a new assistant coach who’s been hired by the head coach you cover? Throw out a question in the Facebook Group.

We’d like for the members-only Facebook Group to serve as a resource where our writers can go to meet other members, ask questions of beat writers who cover other teams, and strike up conversations among ourselves about the ins and outs of the college football world.

But we have other irons in the fire as well.

As we redesign the website and ramp up our social media efforts, we’re looking for volunteers who might be willing to help man our social media channels for small chunks of time during the various FBS football media days that will occur over the summer. Have a couple of hours to spare and want to help tweet some color or throw up some short video from media day? We’d love to have you.

We’re also making a push into Reddit and would like to expand our presence with a weekly Q&A segment between beat writers and fans. If you’re willing to help with this, do let us know.

Otherwise, enjoy spring football, and squeeze in some well-deserved vacation time this summer. Fall camp will be here before you know it!