About The Fifth Down Reply

Once you subscribe to this blog, you will be notified by email every time a new item or items have been posted on the blog.  The blog replaces the .pdf Fifth Down that has been emailed to FWAA members.  The advantage of the new system will allow us to get information concerning members to you quickly. For major awards and announcements you will still receive emails, and those items will be posted at www.fwaa.com.  But consider this as a second, expanded channel as if you were watching television.

We hope to bring to you the inside world of FWAA membership. This is where you can send a variety of items about your awards, your job changes, your retirements, your experiences, your hobbies, etc. We’ll also post tips about press boxes and covering games at certain locations that might help other writers when covering games at those locales. Here we can talk about promotions and beat changes as well. Obituaries of notable FWAA members will be posted.  We will even have a section called the “Book Report” where active members can list information about books they’ve written, starting with those released in 2013.  The first book mentioned is one that details the history and the culmination of the Missouri-Kansas Border War Series in 2007, when both teams were ranked among the top four in the country. In the future, if we can get great participation we may expand into job and freelance opportunities.

The Fifth Down blog will be as good as YOU make it, by sending information to FWAA Executive Director Steve Richardson at tigerfwaa@gmail.com. We believe the new Fifth Down Blog will enhance an already beneficial experience for FWAA members.

Steve Richardson

Executive Director, Football Writers Association of America

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