Fan Plan Championship Index for Sept. 18 Reply

DALLAS, TX (September 18, 2017) Week 4 of the college football season brings a shake-up atop the Fan Plan Championship Index ratings. The Oklahoma Sooners have moved to the top of the standings with a 31.10% chance to make the national championship game, followed by the Clemson Tigers at No. 2 with a 26.16% chance to make the championship game. Alabama, which has been No. 1 throughout the preseason and early season, drops to No. 3 overall with a 22.40% chance to make the championship game.

Michigan rounds out the top four and qualified for the fourth projected playoff seed. This week the Pac-12 is the conference projected to be left out, as USC (11.59% chance to make the championship game) is the highest rated team from that conference but comes in at No. 7 overall in the FPCI after being ranked No. 3 a week ago.

The biggest jump came from Mississippi State, which ranked No. 5 overall this week with a 12.03% chance to make the national championship game. The Bulldogs have make huge strides in back-to-back weeks, going from unranked to No. 14 last week and now jumping from No. 14 to No. 5 following their impressive win over previously No. 10 LSU.

Following Mississippi State, Nos. 6-10 include Penn State (11.93%), Ohio State (11.59%), USC, Oklahoma State (10.32%), and Wisconsin (9.88%).


1 Oklahoma 31.10% 29.32% $357.65
2 Clemson 26.16% 23.27% $300.84
3 Alabama 22.40% 22.34% $257.60
4 Michigan 18.04% 15.60% $135.30
5 Mississippi State 12.03% 16.19% $90.22
6 Penn State 11.93% 16.72% $89.47
7 Ohio State 11.59% 23.33% $86.92
7 USC 11.59% 28.68% $86.92
9 Oklahoma State 10.32% 25.86% $77.40
10 Wisconsin 9.88% 21.27% $98.80
11 Washington 7.97% 24.65% $79.70
12 TCU 3.57% 11.68% $44.63
13 Washington State 2.98% 7.21% $37.25
14 Oregon 2.20% 14.52% $27.50
15 Georgia 2.00% 12.59% $25.00
15 Iowa 2.00% 3.36% $24.50
17 Michigan State 1.96% 4.65% $24.50
18 Minnesota 1.91% 6.87% $23.88
19 Auburn 1.37% 8.65% $20.00
20 Utah 1.12% 4.35% $20.00
21 Colorado 0.68% 4.18% $20.00
21 Florida State 0.68% 15.27% $20.00
23 Florida 0.64% 16.01% $20.00
23 Virginia Tech 0.64% 10.77% $20.00
25 Cal 0.59% 2.05% $20.00

Compiled weekly during the season, the FPCI is a proprietary analytical look at the current state of the chase for college football’s national championship. As opposed to traditional polls and rankings which purport to rank the best teams at a particular point in the season, the FPCI aims to rate college football teams by their real-time percent chance to make the national championship game — a dynamic metric that no other poll or ranking system measures.

The FPCI also includes the cost of a Fan Plan for each team. A Fan Plan is a one-of-a-kind indemnity product fans can purchase for their favorite team. If that team goes to the national championship game, Fan Plan pays for the fan’s game tickets and travel costs, up to the total coverage value of the Fan Plan. Each Fan Plan has a $1,000 coverage value and fans can buy additional coverage in $1,000 increments, up to $10,000 in total coverage. Fan Plan costs are dynamic and change based on each team’s real-time odds of making the championship game. The FPCI and Fan Plan pricing are based on season simulations that take into account a team’s wins and losses, opponents’ results, suspensions, weather, SOS, and other data points and projections.


 NEW NAME AT THE TOP: For the first time this season, there is a team not named Alabama atop the Fan Plan Championship Index. The Oklahoma Sooners moved to No. 1 in the FPCI with a 31.1% chance to make the national championship game, overtaking the Crimson Tide. But it wasn’t just the Sooners that overtook Alabama. Clemson moved to No. 2 in the rankings (26.2%), leaving Alabama at No. 3 with a 22.4% chance to make the championship game. Alabama suffered the largest drop in the FPCI ratings this week, losing 12.1 percentage points from last week’s compilation. Most of Alabama’s drop can be directly attributed to the huge jump made by Mississippi State in this week’s FPCI. The Bulldogs jumped 9.1% to move to No. 5 in the overall ratings (12.03% to make the championship game), and since a heavy weighting is given to the expected conference champion in the formulas used to determine the FPCI’s percent to make the national championship game, a huge jump by a team in the ratings is typically offset by a similar drop from one or more conference teams above it in the ratings.

FOUR CLEAR LEADERS AFTER THREE WEEKS: With a quarter of the college football season in the books, the FPCI is beginning to take shape and starting to sort out the contenders from the pretenders. The Week 4 FPCI offers a glimpse at the four conferences that currently have a stranglehold on the four College Football Playoff spots. The Big 12, ACC, SEC, and Big 10 – represented by Oklahoma (31.1% chance to make the national championship game), Clemson (26.16%), Alabama (22.4%), and Michigan (18.04%) – are out front by a sizeable margin. On the outside looking in at the moment is the Pac-12, which has just one team in the FPCI Top 10 in the No. 7 USC Trojans. USC currently sits at an 11.59% chance to make the national championship game. This week’s FPCI conference rankings show a near inverse of the individual team rankings at the top. The SEC (0.6250 rating) remains the highest-rated conference, though the Pac-12 has surged extremely close with its 0.6008 rating. The Big Ten is third, followed by the ACC and the Big 12, illustrating that the teams at the top of the FPCI ratings generally have an easier conference slate to traverse than some of the other contenders and, therefore, have a better chance to win their conference and make the playoffs.

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FPCI AND POLLS BEGIN TO EMERGE: Each week we’ve noted the differences between the FPCI and the human polls, with the main difference being what each attempts to determine. The AP Poll and the Coaches’ Poll both attempt to rank the teams from best to worst at that point in the season. The FPCI has a totally different take in how it rates teams. The FPCI bases its ratings on a team’s percent chance to play in the national championship game, so it is a projection based on a large number of weighted factors that all go into a simulation of the season. Each week we run the simulation thousands of times to ultimately end up with our data, and one of those data points is each team’s percent chance to make the national championship game, the specific metric we use for our ratings.

Through the preseason and the first few weeks of the 2017 season, the FPCI and the human polls largely had similar results. However, once teams began to play multiple games and real data from the current season could be ingested into the FPCI analytics engine, some of the separation began to emerge. Such is the case this week with the top three in the FPCI. The human polls are in agreement with their rankings of Alabama, Clemson, and Oklahoma as their top three teams this week. The FPCI, as noted, has it Oklahoma, Clemson, and Alabama. This truly shows the difference in the two sets of rankings. Upon closer examination, the FPCI’s power ratings for the week has Alabama, Clemson, and Oklahoma as the top three teams, just like the human polls, but because that’s not what the FPCI is primarily measuring, the power rating is just one of many pieces of data that the FPCI uses to ultimately determine its percent chance to make the playoffs rating metric.

WE SAW IT COMING: Though the FPCI didn’t predict Mississippi State’s dismantling of LSU in Week 3 (the FPCI gave the Tigers a 62% chance to win the game), Mississippi State was clearly on the FPCI’s radar entering the week. The Bulldogs were the No. 14 team in the Week 3 FPCI, just four spots down from LSU’s No. 10 ranking. While the FPCI had the Bulldogs at No. 14, neither of the human polls had Mississippi State ranked in Week 3.

With their win over the Tigers, the Bulldogs made another huge jump and now sit at No. 5 in the FPCI rankings with a 12.03% chance to make the national championship game. Mississippi State has also become the clear No. 2 team in the SEC West behind Alabama. The Crimson Tide have a 29.32% chance to win the SEC in this week’s ratings, followed by Mississippi State with a 16.19% chance to win the league. Behind Mississippi State are SEC East favorites Florida at a 16.01% chance and Georgia at a 12.59% chance.

There’s no rest for Mississippi State, as the fresh face in the FPCI takes to the road this weekend to face another set of Bulldogs, the Georgia Bulldogs, in a crucial SEC showdown in Athens.

WHO COULD STILL MAKE A RUN?: Still looking to identify a team with a cheap $20 Fan Plan team that could be set up to make a run as the season goes along? If you compare the teams’ current FPCI ratings with their overall power rating, there are a few interesting discrepancies, especially when looking at some lower ranked teams that still have high power rankings.

For example, the Florida State Seminoles sit at No. 21 in the FPCI ratings and have a Fan Plan price of $20.00. But the Seminoles have a power rating of 12, meaning our overall team calculations have them as the 12th-best team in the country right now. Because Clemson has two impressive wins on the season, including a huge win over Louisville, the Tigers’ relative strength is affecting Florida State’s FPCI ranking, but the two teams still have to play each other, and our ratings say that the ‘Noles are still no slouch despite having lost their starting QB.

Now to LSU. The Tigers (Fan Plan price $20.00) are still listed as the 13-best team based on our power ratings. However, after their loss to Mississippi State, their FPCI rating is No. 30. The Tigers still have a road to Atlanta available to them, though they no longer control their own destiny. But with some huge games still on the schedule, if LSU can find a way to run the table, it’s likely they would still be right there when the final playoff teams are announced.

Then comes Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish (Fan Plan price $20.00) are looking for a bounce-back season after their debacle a year ago and are at 2-1 with a one-point loss to Georgia. This week the Fighting Irish take to the road for a game at Michigan State, a team with just two MAC wins under its belt. The Irish, being without a conference, get dinged for that in the FPCI metrics unless they are a zero- or one-loss team, so they must finish the season undefeated to have a chance at the playoffs. But Notre Dame has a power rating of 14 despite being ranked No. 32 in the FPCI, so the discrepancy might make Notre Dame worth taking a second look, as the Irish play only one team the rest of the way (USC) that currently has a higher power rating than they currently do.

NEXT MAN UP: While four teams have established themselves as favorites in their respective conferences and, thus, have relatively high Fan Plan prices, there are some teams waiting in the wings to overtake the favorites. And those teams still have affordable Fan Plan prices entering Week Four of the season, so fans may want to roll the dice on some of these teams before the wacky world that is college football shuffles the deck with a slate of upsets.

In the SEC, Alabama’s price of $257.60 is actually down from a season high of $412.16, making the Tide a tempting buy themselves. But if you look past Alabama at the teams eyeing them in the standings, Mississippi State, the Week 4 flavor of the week, is just $90.23, while SEC East foes Georgia and Florida are $25.00 and $20.00, respectively.

Oklahoma has the highest Fan Plan price this week at $357.85. But fans can still swipe up No. 9 Oklahoma State for $77.40 and No. 12 TCU for $44.63.

Clemson’s Fan Plan price of $300.84 leads the ACC. All other ACC teams’ Fan Plans can be purchased for just $20.00. In the Big Ten, No. 4 Michigan is priced at $135.30. But if you think Wisconsin, Penn State, or Ohio State can ultimately take the Big Ten crown, those Fan Plans can be purchased for $98.80, $89.48, or $86.92, respectively.

Finally, in the Pac-12, the league that is currently projected to be left out, USC is the top-rated team at No. 7 and has a Fan Plan price of $86.92. That’s already an extremely attractive price, but if you don’t believe the Trojans have what it takes to win the conference this season, Washington can be purchased for $79.70, Washington State for $37.25, and Oregon for $27.50.


FWAA member and Austin radio personality Sean Adams dies Reply

Sean Adams, a business-trained, California-born athlete and FWAA member who transformed himself into a motivational speaker and one of Austin’s most unique, unstoppable sports radio voices, died Thursday after an apparent heart attack. He was 46.

There was a moment of silence before the Texas-USC game on Saturday night at The Coliseum in Los Angeles, and his seat in the pressbox was left vacant.

Below is a photo from John Bianco,  senior associate athletics director for football media relations, of Adams’ seat, and CLICK HERE to read the Austin American-Statesman’s story about his death.

From John Bianco: “Have a heavy heart on this game day. Thank you USC for the tribute to our friend Sean Adams. Thoughts and prayers are with his family & friends.‬ #RIP”

Kellner FBS computer rankings for week of Sept. 18 Reply

The Cody Kellner Points Index (CKPI) gives each team a rating that is reflective of their strength of schedule and the success they had within it.  This is accomplished by using a least squares regression model which recalculates each formula until all ratings stabilize by use of simultaneous equations.  These characteristics are what make the CKPI known as an “advanced ratings system.”

The results from the previous season will be weighted at a decreasing rate as the current season progresses.  Margin of victory is considered in the CKPI ratings and evaluated based on how much a team dominated a game in terms of the number of points they scored in comparison to their opponent.

Individual statistics, upcoming games, injuries, conference affiliation, and location of games are not considered in the CKPI ratings.

Please note:  The CKPI is based on the past and should never be used as a method of prediction.

1 ALABAMA 138.628
2 CLEMSON 134.719
3 MICHIGAN 123.171
4 USC 113.876
5 PENN STATE 109.296
6 WISCONSIN 103.944
7 OKLAHOMA 101.792
10 OHIO STATE 96.342
11 COLORADO 91.255
12 MINNESOTA 84.168
13 IOWA 81.283
17 GEORGIA 73.235
18 UTAH 69.577
20 VANDERBILT 66.988
21 WAKE FOREST 66.973
22 FLORIDA 65.513
24 CALIFORNIA 64.531
25 KENTUCKY 63.259
26 TCU 62.631
27 LOUISVILLE 62.030
28 OREGON 60.485
29 HOUSTON 57.609
30 LSU 57.193
31 MIAMI FL 53.492
33 DUKE 51.525
34 TENNESSEE 50.571
35 AUBURN 47.890
36 TOLEDO 45.913
37 BOISE STATE 45.100
38 MEMPHIS 43.697
39 MARYLAND 43.487
41 STANFORD 41.275
42 NOTRE DAME 40.236
43 NAVY 39.844
45 GEORGIA TECH 34.153
46 TEXAS A&M 31.426
48 UCLA 29.796
50 KANSAS STATE 27.895
51 TEXAS TECH 27.684
52 NC STATE 27.398
54 INDIANA 22.194
55 PURDUE 22.139
56 UCF 20.775
58 NEBRASKA 20.291
60 AIR FORCE 19.699
62 ILLINOIS 18.958
64 SYRACUSE 15.349
65 TEMPLE 15.129
66 UTSA 14.274
68 TROY 12.917
69 PITTSBURGH 11.006
70 TULSA 10.041
71 ARKANSAS 9.951
73 ARMY 6.558
74 ARIZONA 6.536
76 TEXAS 4.814
79 IOWA STATE 3.166
80 SMU 1.549
81 OHIO -0.419
83 CINCINNATI -5.078
86 HAWAII -5.940
88 VIRGINIA -8.429
90 BYU -11.099
91 WYOMING -12.759
92 RUTGERS -16.036
93 MARSHALL -16.127
94 NEW MEXICO -19.867
96 UNLV -24.698
97 IDAHO -25.702
98 OREGON STATE -25.824
99 BALL STATE -26.646
100 TULANE -27.865
101 SOUTH ALABAMA -30.717
102 MISSOURI -31.451
103 UTAH STATE -33.572
104 ULL -35.272
105 NORTH TEXAS -37.508
106 AKRON -38.310
107 FRESNO STATE -38.688
108 MIAMI OH -39.283
110 NEW MEXICO STATE -41.454
112 FLORIDA INTL -42.661
113 BAYLOR -43.705
114 CONNECTICUT -45.033
115 KANSAS -46.933
116 SAN JOSE STATE -53.157
117 RICE -54.631
118 KENT -58.430
119 TEXAS STATE -60.091
120 BUFFALO -61.053
121 ULM -61.147
123 NEVADA -66.548
124 EAST CAROLINA -70.204
125 GEORGIA STATE -73.673
126 BOWLING GREEN -79.696
127 CHARLOTTE -82.894
129 UAB -85.803
130 UTEP -87.185


Barnhart joins Reply


The second season of got a major jolt of adrenaline in August with the addition of Tony Barnhart, aka Mr. College Football, who agreed to become the fourth member of the band.

TMG, a subscription website dedicated to college football with side trips to all other sports, was founded in July of 2016 by three veteran scribes: Chris Dufresne, Mark Blaudschun and Herb Gould.

“I am more than thrilled to be working, not just with great writers, but with great friends,” Barnhart said of joining TMG. “I am honored to be a part of it.”

The addition of Barnhart gives TMG more than 150 combined years of journalism experience. Barnhart, Blaudschun and Dufresne are also all former FWAA Presidents.

Barnhart, who spent the bulk of his newspaper days at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, is a multi-platform performer who is still heavily involved with the SEC Network and remains a highly-sought speaker on the Southern “talking season” circuit.

TMG just keeps growing. We added a regular weekly podcast this year and also a “Guest Lecturer” series with contributions (so far) from grizzled vets Tom Luicci and Wendell Barnhouse.

We think TMG is the best subscription bargain out there with a special “professional” rate for FWAA members at only $14.95 per year.

TMG: For more than the score.

College football to recognize teaching profession Sept. 16-23 Reply


September 13, 2017

CONTACT: GINA LEHE (469) 262-5204

IRVING, Texas – The College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation today announced details surrounding the third-annual Extra Yard for Teachers (EYFT) Week, taking place September Sept. 16-23. Over these two weekends of action, the college football community will honor teachers (grades K-12) on college campuses and in stadiums across the country.

The CFP Foundation created EYFT Week in 2015 to bring awareness to the growing Extra Yard for Teachers platform as well as provide an opportunity for universities, coaches and student-athletes to take part in its mission of elevating the teaching profession through inspiring and empowering teachers. In the event’s third year, the CFP Foundation is expecting a larger show of support for teachers than ever before.

This increase in support is largely due to the unique, impactful relationships that the CFP Foundation has built with the 10 FBS conferences and their member schools. Through these relationships, along with strong bowl game partnerships, college athletics has made a significant impression on K-12 education through Extra Yard for Teachers. Since 2014, Extra Yard for Teachers programming and events have impacted 3,033,144 students and 97,407 teachers in 12,902 schools across the country.


2017 Best Feature: John Crist Reply

By John Crist

Saturday Down South

My phone rings. The caller ID reads “Dak Prescott.” He’s getting back to me shortly after I left him a message. Turns out he was in the middle of a workout. He’s still out of breath.

It’s Monday. I’m in Tampa. He’s in Orlando. But by Wednesday, we’ll both be in Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine — the annual meat market for college players ahead of the NFL Draft. I’ll be there as a member of the media. Prescott, of course, is a prospect following a spectacular career at Mississippi State.

He’s the best quarterback ever to play in Starkville, and he may just be the single best player in school history. Prescott elevated a mediocre program in a brutal conference to heights never seen before.

Nevertheless, when the draft experts go through the list of top QBs, his name isn’t mentioned. Jared Goff of California, Carson Wentz of North Dakota State — yes, FCS-level NDSU — and Paxton Lynch of Memphis are considered the first-tier passers. Prescott is a second-tier guy alongside the likes of Michigan State’s Connor Cook and Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg.

He’s currently projected as a mid-round pick. But if Prescott is worried, he hides it well. He sounds authentic and confident without an iota of cockiness.

“(Other quarterbacks) are going to get their hype,” he says. “Just going to camps, even the combine, I don’t know that I’ll make people drop their pen and drop their jaw and say, ‘We’ve got to get this guy first off the board.’ That hasn’t been the player I’ve been all my life.”


2017 Best Enterprise: David Ching Reply

By David Ching

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — When they received word that UAB football was coming back, Lee Dufour and Nick Vogel — best friends and former roommates at the school — could not wait to share the news with each other.

Unfortunately, they heard about it at the exact same time.

“Literally the second that they announced football’s coming back, I called him and at the same time, he called me. The calls didn’t go through,” Dufour said, recalling the moment last June when UAB reversed its decision from December 2014 to drop its football program. “I was like, ‘Yes, we have to go back. Whatever we have to go through, we’re coming back.'”

Added Vogel: “We were both going nuts trying to call each other. We both missed a couple calls in a row until we got ahold of each other. We were overjoyed.”

Both players had found new college football programs after UAB’s implosion: offensive lineman Dufour at South Alabama and kicker Vogel at Southern Miss. And yet they missed the friendships and connections that formed in their short time in Birmingham.

They had promised each other they would return to UAB if it ever reinstated the football program, and this was the opportunity many thought would never come.

“That was my primary plan in life: it’s going to come back and I’m going to leave this place and go back to my home in Birmingham,” Vogel said. “I know that sounds completely insane, but when I made the deal with Lee, I was 100 percent behind it. I genuinely thought it would come back.”

Dufour and Vogel are among 16 players from the 2014 team who were back at UAB in time for its recently completed spring practice. However, many of their 2014 teammates with eligibility remaining did not return.


2017 Best Column: Glenn Guilbeau Reply

By Glenn Guilbeau

USA Today Network/Gannett Louisiana

BATON ROUGE – Close your eyes and imagine it is a year ago when then-LSU coach Les Miles was about to be fired, and someone tells you that the next coach is going to be LSU defensive line coach Ed Orgeron.

Now, open your eyes.

Orgeron – a career journeyman coach, a failed head coach and a somewhat successful short term head coach at USC and LSU – is LSU’s next football coach.

“I’m the search,” LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said two months ago after firing Miles.

“I’m worried,” I said.

Well, I’m still worried.

Alleva first started looking for a new head football coach more than a year ago and started thinking about looking for a new head football coach when he came here in 2008. And this is it?

This is an embarrassment.


2017 Best Game Story: Andrea Adelson Reply

By Andrea Adelson

TAMPA, Fla. — The game clock showed 2:01. Deshaun Watson gathered his teammates and told them simply, “We’re going to get this touchdown. We’re going to win this national championship.”

Nobody on that sideline doubted. Not with Watson under center. Everybody wearing orange and purple firmly believed they had the best player in the country on their side, Heisman or no Heisman. They reminded everybody: Heismans are voted on; championships are won.

This would be it for him, on the last drive, in his last game.

“I’d seen the two minutes and one second on the clock, and I just smiled and I just knew,” Watson said after Monday’s title game. “I told myself, ‘They left too much time on the clock.'”

First play, pass complete. Second play, pass complete. Down the field they went, a march toward inevitability. When Watson arrived at Clemson in January 2013, he tweeted, “Me. In a National Championship Game. I’m just waiting on that moment.”

It came on first-and-goal at the Alabama 2. The play call came in: Crush. Watson would roll out and go to receiver Hunter Renfrow in the flat.

“We knew that play was going to work,” Clemson receiver Mike Williams said. “When you want it the most, you go out with your best call. We knew that was our best call.”

The play call was brilliant. So was its execution.

“I saw the whole play develop, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, wide open,'” Tigers defensive lineman Christian Wilkins said. “I’m on field goal unit, so I sprinted right onto the field as Deshaun was throwing it. I knew it was game. One second left. It was beautiful timing.” More…

2017 FWAA Best Writing Contest winners announced Reply

DALLAS — Three writers — Alex Scarborough and Jake Trotter of and Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports — each claimed two individual awards and Glenn Guilbeau of USA TODAY Network/Gannett Louisiana repeated as a first-place winner in the 25th Annual FWAA Best Writing Contest. writers collected 10 individual or co-bylined awards, including 1-2-3 sweeps in the Game Story and Enterprise categories.

First-place winners will receive game balls, certificates and cash prizes. Second and third-place winners will get certificates and cash prizes. Honorable mention award recipients will receive certificates. All will be recognized at the annual FWAA Awards Breakfast on Jan. 8, 2018 in Atlanta.


First Place — Andrea Adelson,

Second Place — Alex Scarborough,

Third Place — Jake Trotter,

Honorable Mention — John Feinstein, Washington Post; Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports; Matt Fortuna,; Rich Scarcella, Reading Eagle


First Place —  John Crist, Saturday Down South

Second Place — Mike Vorel, South Bend (Ind.) Tribune

Third Place —  Nate Mink, The Post-Standard (Syracuse, N.Y.)/

Honorable Mention —  Alex Scarborough,; Jake Trotter,;  Daniel Uthman, USA TODAY


First Place — Glenn Guilbeau, USA TODAY Network/Gannett Louisiana

Second Place — J.P. Scott, Athlon Sports

Third Place — Ryan McGee,

Honorable Mention — Matt Hayes, Bleacher Report; Ivan Maisel,


First Place — David Ching,

Second Place — Mark Schlabach and Paula Lavigne,

Third Place — Kyle Bonagura and Mark Fainaru-Wada,

Honorable Mention — Harry B. Minium Jr., Norfolk Virginian-Pilot; Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports; Pete Thamel, Sports Illustrated; Michael Casagrande, Media Group; Jack Ebling and Joe Rexrode, Dog Ear Publishing; Andrew Greif, The Oregonian