FWAA Adds 24 People to its 50-Plus Club

The FWAA is honoring another group of members to its 50-Plus Club, people who have belonged to the organization for 50 years or more. The last time the FWAA, founded in 1941, honored a group of 50-Plus members was in 2005. Each member will receive a certificate and a pin.

The FWAA is considering any person who joined in 1970 or before in this group because 2018-19 would touch the 50th year.

In alphabetical order these people are (with their first year of FWAA membership noted):

Donn Bernstein (1963) Ted Haracz (1965) Tim Simmons (1970)
Sam Blair (1965) Larry Kimball (1963) Larry Smith (1966)
Buddy Davis (1969) Frank Litsky (1963) Art Spander (1966)
Jack DeGange (1968) Donald McCaleb (1960) Budd Thalman (1962)
Bud Ford (1967) Mike Middlesworth (1959) Roger Valdiserri (1966)
Steve Guback (1962) Eddie Miller (1958) Gordon White (1961)
Bob Hammel (1968) Brad Pye (1957) Dave Wohlhueter (1970)
Tom Hansen (1961) John Reid (1965) Jack Zane (1963)

“It is extraordinary for any group to have such a large number of people who have shown their loyalty for so long,” said Steve Richardson, FWAA Executive Director. “We salute these members whose membership extends a half century or beyond.”

There are still six living people among those honored for 50 years of membership in 2005: Dave Campbell, Murray Olderman and Jimmie McDowell, all Bert McGrane winners. Campbell and Olderman are past FWAA Presidents. The other living members honored in 2005 are Sid Hartman, Kaye Kessler and Al Shrier.