Plati’s streak coming to an end at 410 football games

Dave Plati, Colorado’s associate athletic director/sports information, is a long-time FWAA member. Under his leadership. Colorado has claimed an FWAA Super 11 Award, given to the top SID departments in FBS, four times during the eight years of the award’s existence.   Dave shared this bit of personal news on Friday:

“Many of you who know me know that for the last decade or so, I’ve been dealing with some circulation issues in my left leg; the swelling at times makes it look like a Hawaiian banyan tree.  Recently, it developed some complications and it’s being treated accordingly (I’ll be fine); but its condition at present is enough to make travel especially hard, thus ending a personal streak I have taken great pride in: starting on Nov. 19, 1983, I have attended and worked every Colorado football game —all 410, beginning with a 38-21 win over Kansas State to close the ’83 season up to last Saturday’s Arizona game.

(I wasn’t overly keen on doing this, but our contributing editor, Neill Woelk, told me it was necessary to write something, or he’d write a news story and post it himself, with made-up quotes from me — though he said “I’d be surprised at what I said.”)