Comings and goings 2

Mark Anderson from the Las Vegas Review-Journal has been named the 2014 second vice president of the FWAA and moves into the line of presidential succession two years from now. Lee Barfknecht of the Omaha World-Herald, second vice president in 2013, automatically moved up to the first vice president’s role in 2014 behind FWAA President Kirk Bohls.

Comings and Goings

Long-time Denver Post writer John Henderson has retired from his daily job in Colorado and has moved to Italy where he has spent time in the past either on leave or on vacation. We hope at some time to get an update on his daily rituals there. … If the new name (Brian Davis) appearing in the Austin American-Statesman covering the Texas Longhorns sounds familiar it’s because it is. Davis used to cover college sports for the Dallas Morning News. He stepped outside the profession for awhile, but you kept seeing him at athletic events around the state. He just couldn’t stay away. Davis will cover both UT football and basketball beats for the Statesman. So in the fall, he and head football coach Charlie Strong will usher in a new era together. … Leigh Torbin, who previously held sports information jobs most recently at Central Florida and UConn, is now handling football and women’s lacrosse SID duties at Notre Dame.

Pope’s Streak Ends

The Miami Herald’s Edwin Pope, 85, Bert McGrane Winner in 2001, missed his first Super Bowl this past February. He had covered 47 straight Super Bowls and was one of four writers who had covered them all.  The first Super Bowl was held at the LA Coliseum between the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League and the NFL’s Green Bay Packers on Jan. 15, 1967. Pope is retired from the Herald, but still writes occasional columns and also has covered Wimbledon and the Super Bowl in recent years.


  1. Edwin Pope is one of the finest all-time sports journalists. He ranks in the same category with Grantland Rice and Furman Bisher.

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