‘My All American,’ the true story of Longhorn legend Freddie Steinmark, opens in theaters on Friday Nov. 13

My All American movie poster(Editor Note:  John Bianco from the University of Texas passes this along on one of the top sports movies of the year).   

A major motion picture celebrating college football, character and competition is set for a national release this Friday, Nov. 13. “My All American” shares the inspirational true story of University of Texas football legend Freddie Steinmark, an underdog who played a critical role on Coach Darrell Royal’s 1969 National Championship team. Written and directed by Angelo Pizzo, the writer of iconic sports films “Hoosiers” and “Rudy”, the film tells the tale of one of Royal’s most beloved players who always put family, team and school first. In the end, Freddie leaned heavily on the support of his coach and teammates when faced with a life-changing challenge.

“It is an outstanding and compelling movie, true stuff,” said Steve Richardson, executive director of the Football Writers Association of America. “Sometimes you watch these kinds of movies and what is happening on the screen is not what happened in real time. This is pretty close if not right in line with history. Hollywood didn’t need to enter in, I don’t believe. Plus, I think the characters on the screen blended right into the movie. It is an excellent way to spend a couple of hours of anybody’s day.”

Crafting a realistic story was a critical element in the planning of this film. Many of Steinmark’s Longhorn teammates and the critical characters in the film were on set helping ensure that the film was authentic. Former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy served as a football consultant while his brother, Case, played Arkansas quarterback Bill Montgomery and UT All-American Jordan Shipley played Longhorn wide receiver great Cotton Speyrer in the film.

Although the story is about a Texas football player it transcends just the Longhorn community, much like Freddie’s story did back in 1969.

“It’s a movie built around a player from the University of Texas, but this is a film that certainly goes beyond that,” said NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and Troy Aikman. “I think it’s something everybody across the country can really enjoy and be motivated by.”

Steinmark’s story is one fans of college football can embrace. An undersized prospect who overcame all odds, rising from a Colorado High School star with few scholarship offers to starting safety on a National Championship team. Stenmark brought an unparalleled commitment, heart and intensity to the game that he carried with him off the field as well, making him a local hero. To this day, the Longhorns pay tribute to his legacy by touching the scoreboard named in his honor at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium as they take the field.

“My All American delivers a great message about how to play the game, about perspective, and about life,” said Ricky Williams, 1998 Heisman Trophy winner & College Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015. “If you’re a fan of college football, a fan of sports, sportsmanship and life you have to check out this movie.”

ESPN broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit hosted a screening for his family and his boys high school teammates in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I am moved and in awe of Freddie Steinmark’s character and approach to life,” Herbstreit said. “He is a perfect role model with his selflessness and positive attitude. My All American does a tremendous job telling Freddie’s story and takes you through a wave of emotions. In the end, it’s a wonderful and inspirational movie about the human spirit. My entire family really enjoyed it.”

To view the official movie trailer go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTahmkL8QzM